NSERC encouraging comments for 2030 Strategic Plan

It’s important to support equity, diversity and inclusion in Canadian research. We encourage everyone to take a few minutes to explore the NSERC 2030 Strategic Plan and consider submitting comments and feedback.

As part of its strategic planning exercise, NSERC created a series of discussion papers as a starting point to solicit feedback from external stakeholders on strategic issues relevant to natural sciences and engineering research funding. These papers follow-up on topics raised in a previous report prepared by the Council of Canadian Academies, Powering Discovery, targeted interviews, and a survey of NSERC stakeholders conducted in Spring 2021. 

The process addresses three key themes: Supporting research; supporting researchers, students and post-doctoral fellows; and improving funding efficiency and enhancing research use and impact.

Researchers, students and community members! People inside and outside the natural sciences and engineering research communities are encouraged to review the papers that match their interests, and use the comment form to send us their thoughts and ideas. For example, Supporting Indigenous researchers and research and Supporting equity, diversity and inclusion in the research community.

Discussion topics include:

  • What is NSERC’s role in supporting Indigenous research and researchers, and in what ways does it extend beyond administering research funding?
  • Are there any opportunities being overlooked, and is there something more transformative that NSERC should be emphasizing?
  • For NSERC to fully integrate Indigenous research and its associated context and concepts, what are the most important milestones to reach in 10 years?

NSERC also included a self-identification questionnaire to better understand the perspectives of the community and those responses will remain anonymous. Researchers, community members and others can provide answers to questions raised in the discussion papers or raise their own questions!

Some of the papers and discussion topics we’re exploring are:

The full list can be viewed here: https://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/NSERC-CRSNG/NSERC2030-CRSNG2030/discussion_papers-documents_de_travail_eng.asp

To encourage conversations, NSERC created a comment form to answer the questions raised in each paper and for people to share their thoughts and ideas. In addition to submitting the comment form at the bottom of the page, the process is also encouraging people to submit questions, comments and ideas to: nserc2030crsng@NSERC-CRSNG.GC.CA

The feedback gathered will be important in informing the development of NSERC’s 2030 strategic plan.