Traditional values.
Future technologies.

Indigenous Digital Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship Incubator

The Indigenous Digital Arts and Culture Incubator is an experimental urban and land-based arts, culture and training program for next-generation Indigenous art and technology talent.

With the end goal to incubate sustainable self-employment for aspiring talent, his grassroots pilot project builds upon existing and proven cultural entrepreneurship training to foster new arts industry employment through a careful balance of traditional knowledge and modern, digital technologies.

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Addressing Sectoral Challenges

The Covid-19 pandemic has obliterated opportunities for northern, remote and rural Indigenous emerging and professional artists to participate in opportunities to display, disseminate and promote their creative and cultural products. The pandemic has brought with it many challenges to business opportunities in the North, but also several opportunities.

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Hands-On Participatory Arts, Science and Research

Our projects are shaped through a decade of community-based, participatory research with Indigenous communities across northern and southern Canada. We support community development through arts, cultural entrepreneurship, science and technology research.

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Training for the next generation

Beyond entrepreneurship training focused on starting up a business in their own cultural context, our program also addresses the creation of digital art work, utilizing the use of augmented and virtual reality, game design, visual projection technology, photography, filmmaking, and the creation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

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